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Looking for an Experienced Physiotherapist 

We are a team of highly skilled business, marketing and product development professionals constantly launching new digital and physical products. One of our new ventures - a digital remote health product targeted at specific back and posture issues. Thus we are looking for an experienced and qualified physiotherapist who could join our team for a part-time, project-based role. 

Your key responsibilities


Getting involved into reviewing and developing existing product from physiotherapeutic perspective to make it more accurate and helpful for clients


Making remote assessments of posture and back related issues and creating treatment & exercise plans (No direct contact with patients)


Being a Subject Matter Expert within a team for most relevant posture & back related issues, treatments methods, remote assessment methodology and trends

Expectations and requirements

As a successful physiotherapist, we believe you already have strong interpersonal skills, good administration skills, and strong knowledge of physiotherapy techniques. 


We also expect you to:

- Have a significant experience working as a physiotherapist

- Have a required certification

- Be fluent in English (at least in a professional field)

- Be digital savvy and willing to work with different digital tools

- Be open minded and solution seeking

full_expert_analysis 1 (1).png

Our cooperation approach

  • Fully flexible, part-time role (for the first 3 months with potential opportunities of broader collaboration) 

  • Project-based (Individual activity under a business certificate is required)

  • Remote (except occasional meetings with a team on prior-approved time schedule)

  • Transparency, trust and proactivity as a key principles for daily operations

  • Depending on the cooperation intensity, competencies and experience we are willing to pay from 1500 EUR/month (neto). 


Join us to create a new and exciting international product.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email 

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